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Hoods molecular filtration

Hood chemical to molecular filtration recirculation with filtered air

COMFIT offers a wide range of molecular filtration hoods that allow you to recycle the filtered air expelled from the hood in the workplace or to channel it outside through special fittings.

COMFIT security:

  1. All fume hoods with recirculation COMFIT have an original system "Plenum Containment Dynamic" that prevents any leakage of contaminants from the hood in case of incorrect filter positioning
  2. The thickness of 100 mm of the principal filter COMFIT guarantees great autonomy and ability of absorption, in comparison to the filters of inferior thickness, offering an optimal time of residence to the passage of the air (activated carbon filters)
  3. The molecular filtration fume COMFIT offer the option of installing an additional filter that guarantees a safety reserve in the event of exhaustion of the main filter
  4. The regular monitoring of the efficiency of the filters is simple and inexpensive and can be made directly by the user with the appropriate colorimetric sampler

Fume hoods molecular filtration - series GS

Hood molecular filtrationChemical hood multipurpose molecular filtration with activated carbon filter and / or HEPA filter to protect against dust and aerosol particularly suitable for laboratory analysis, microbiology, pathology.

Molecular filtration fume cupboard with specific natural or activated carbon filters impregnated, allow the recycling of the filtered air expelled into the environment or the channeling outside the building.

The fumehoods GS series are available in standard widths 1000 - 1200 -1500-1800 mm, have two or more filter units, each consisting of a main filter and a secondary filter Safety (optional) and its electric silent sparkless.

Special versions are available with structure in AISI 304 stainless steel and specific work plans for special applications.

Pdf data sheets:

Hood Series GS1000 standard
Hood Series GS1000 economy




Chemical hood recirculating GS 800

Hood molecular filtrationPractical, compact, ideal for the protection of personnel exposed to the risk of inhalation of toxic substances.

The filtering of the inhaled air happens through special filters able to neutralize the contaminant and to absorb it on activated carbon.

The small size and low running costs make it the ideal solution for all applications where it is necessary to ensure the safety of the personnel performing intermittently processes that involve a level of risk, medium-low.


Mobile chemical hood recirculating GS900

Hood molecular filtrationEasy to move from room to room, this original chemical hood recirculating movable is an excellent solution for the protection of personnel exposed in the laboratory to the risk of inhalation of chemicals during specific activities.

Molecular filtration on active carbon filters 100 mm of thickness, by means of suction at the level of the working plane. The walls made of safety glass transparent allow a vision of the working area to 360 degrees. Ideal for educational activities.

Cabinet made of painted with epoxy enamel, mounted on castors.


COMFIT original replacement filters

For the safety of the staff and the working environment, use always original spare parts COMFIT.

The active carbon filters COMFIT, standard, or impregnated, have characteristics of quality both for the materials used both for their construction that guarantee the best filtration efficiency. The range also includes filters HEPA filters for dust and aerosols sub micron.

Activated carbon filters COMFIT

C100: Activated carbon filter absorbs most of the aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, solvents, organic vapors, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, organic acids, esters, halogen, compounds, sulfur and nitrogen

Activated carbon filters impregnated COMFIT

CI200: Activated carbon filter to impregnation for Aldehyde and Glutaraldehyde
CI300: Activated carbon filter to impregnation for Ammonia and Amines
CI350: Activated carbon filter to impregnation for vapors of urine and fecal
CI400: Activated carbon filter to impregnation for inorganic acids and S2O, H2SO4 and HCI
CI410: Activated carbon filter to impregnation for H2S and Mercaptans
CI450: Filtro a carbone attivo ad impregnazione per vapori di cadaverina e putrescina

Absolute filters COMFIT

Absolute filter H14 for filtering of particles with equal or superior diameter to 0.3/micron with efficiency of the 99.99%.

Prefilters COMFIT

To ensure the best performance of activated carbon filters standard and impregnated, you need to remove as much dust as possible from the air.
Prefilters COMFIT are specific to this application ensure greater independence of the filters installed in hoods COMFIT.

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