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Personnel safety

The Devices of Collective Protection in the laboratory

The collective protection devices must take priority to the safety of the workplace.

The laboratories are no exception: Fume cupboards, desks aspirated, ventilated cabinets, biohazard hoods are primary barriers of protection widely used by those working in the laboratory to be complemented with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

The investigations carried out in the laboratories of research and analysis and in particular in the laboratories of Anatomy and Histology, involving the use of many potentially hazardous chemicals to the health of operators, some of which are often used in large quantities (eg. Formalin, solvents aromatics, alcohols, etc.) and with a significant impact on the work environment.

To remove the source emissions of chemical pollutants and reduce the intensity of the exposure of the operator COMFIT offers a wide range of Protection Devices Collective technologically advanced, standards-compliant security provided by law on health and safety workplace comply with BSI 7959 and AFNOR NF X15-211.

The specialized suction COMFIT, as WorkStations cutting / reducing anatomical findings, the aspirated autopsy table, fume cupboard in extraction or molecular filtration and inhaled closets, represent the most effective solution in terms of versatility and containment management costs, making it suitable for a wide use.

Discover the wide range of solutions COMFIT:

Workstations COMFIT  Fume cupboard recirculation COMFIT  Aspirated autopsy tables  Carts aspirated

Some PLUS COMFIT security:

  1. All the fume cupboard COMFIT have an original system of Plenum in keeping dynamics that prevents the leakage of contaminants from the hood in the event of incorrect positioning of the filter
  2. The thickness of 100 mm of the main filter COMFIT ensures greater autonomy and capacity of absorption, in comparison to the filters of inferior thicknes, providing a residence time optimum to the air passage
  3. The fume cupboard COMFIT offer the possibility to install an additional filter that guarantees a safety reserve in case of exhaustion of the principal filter
  4. The regular monitoring of the efficiency of the filters is simple and inexpensive and can be made directly by the user with the appropriate colorimetric sampler
  5. The massive structure (tubular, steel plates, side walls and front glass) ensure hygiene, strength and durability over time

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